Yoga Testimonials

My Yoga Testimonials reflect my goal of making yoga ACCESSIBLE and ADAPTABLE to all my students.  wordcloud

Yoga Testimonials:
“She walked us through multiple ways to modify and change the pose to make it our own.  She presented all of these modifications by using her own body to show us what we could look like…Most of the adjustments had two or three different variations of the pose, from beginner to advanced, that we could play around with…I felt like I got to know her as a teacher in the short 60 minutes I practiced with her,,,I would have to say my most favorite thing was her saying “Down Doggie.” It made my child spirit scream yay with laughter and joy.” G.T. 
“I feel much more relaxed when I leave class than when i arrive and we frequently stretch the areas I have most trouble with…[i would recommend Jen’s Classes to anyone who wants to learn the poses and philosophy of yoga” B.M.
“Relevant routines that help us with flexibility and becoming more aware of yoga practices” A & T
” I loved the opening and closing. I was leary of the chanting at the first but it didn’t take me long to grow to love it.  I loved your non-judgemental way of teaching. Allowing us to do what felt right and not worry about the outer shell..  I loved your stories, so entertaining and educational at the same time.  I loved the “rest” time between poses to feel what had happened!” R.R.
“…I have enjoyed your yoga classes very much and they have been instrumental in my rehab.” K. H. 
Jen’s is my favorite class all week!” C.B. 
“Amazing experience…the world of yoga is now open for me.” M.W. (Intro to Yoga student) 
“Jen is very nurturing – quietly encourage students to explore their boundaries.” C.C
“Jen’s classes definitely help me achieve this meditative state of mind, peace within, and a feeling of lightness and joy.” L.W.S.
“[She is] connected with [her] inner wisdom.  Great empathy in [her] teaching.” A.B.
  “… I have thoroughly enjoyed every single class I have been to and Jen is WONDERFUL!  I have always left the class feeling more relaxed and I know the weekly workouts enhanced my endurance for running.” K.B.
“[Jen’s] use of images opened up a part of me that has been hiding or dormant…with [her] help I have begun this wonderful journey into myself…I have learned so many things, felt so many things, and released for the first time…” L.D.R.P.
I wanted to a.Strengthen my core; b. Find a way to straighten my legs [I’ve been sitting in the wheelchair so long that they’re ‘frozen’ in the bent position];    c.Just get stronger, more coordinated and more comfortable in my body in general, with the intention of getting out of the w/c…I was very motivated and made consistent progress in overall focus and stretching and strengthening I’m 70 y.o. and generally feeling healthier and stronger and I’m in less pain than I’ve experienced for most of my life.” LSC
“I love my yoga classes with Jen.  She is skilled at adapting the yoga practice for my poor aging body so that I can once again enjoy the serenity and healing sense yoga gives me; but I must also say that beyond being an adept yoga instructor, Jen also has a lovely, modest and relaxing presence that makes sharing asanas with her exceptionally healing.” M.B.
I notice that after classes w/ Jen my core is stronger and arms are firmer…[Jen has] helped me get through some fears – such as getting into flow and trusting that my flow is OK. [She has] also helped with breathing.  I used to forget and just hold my breath, now I forget and breath with the movement…the message and education are great!” S.P.
“Jen does a great job providing modifications and we have a good variation from session to session.” K.W.
“I would recommend Jen’s classes to anyone interested in receiving the benefits of yoga!  She’s truly an exceptional teacher. Jen teaches in a crystal clear manner with her instructions being very easy to follow. She is able to adapt her class (physical sequence) to challenge students of all levels as well as offer spiritual lessons in a down to earth manner. Jen has a fabulous sense of humor and a warm presence, which helps everyone feel so comfortable in her classes. Jen also uses rich language to describe how poses should look…which helps students do the postures more accurately and is fun to hear. I keep coming back to Jen’s class, not only because I enjoy her teaching style and always feel rejuvenated at the end of the class, but also because I’m curious what she will teach us next. Her spiritual lessons are different every week and seem unique from other instructors. ” L.W.S.
“Instructions and demonstrations were clear and to the point… All of the participants were disappointed when the classes were over.” T. C. 

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