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Below are Descriptions of  My Current Yoga Classes Golden+Lakewood CO.   Not all yoga classes are for everyone, but there is a yoga class for everyone!

Vinyasa Yoga or “Flow Yoga”:

A vigorous, flowing, and challenging yoga class set to music.These classes are designed to strengthen and inspire the connection between mind and body!  Come ready to explore body, breath and spirit. INTERMEDIATE classes may have a faster pace and explore more challenging poses such headstand and more. See a general idea below:


Yin Yoga:

This is an undeniably trans formative, rejuvenating and meditative class in which deep-stretching postures are held for 3-5 minutes.  Stretches and sensations go deep beyond the muscles and into the fabric of the body (connective tissue). Based on Chinese meridian theory, this practice nourishes the subtle and emotional bodies.  Appropriate for practitioners of all levels

Unique Yoga Classes Golden, Lakewood CO

My friend relaxing in a Yin Yoga Pose

Power Hour:

Power Hour Yoga is a vigorous vinyasa power flow, targeting core sculpting and over all body strength building. Limited prop use but lots of muscle work, this yoga will stretch, flex and workout your entire body. You will get it all done, core, cardio and strength training without a visit to the mechanical gym but instead, an hour at the inviting studio.

Beginners’ Yoga: 

Learn your yoga ABCs. Sign up here.This class will help you develop strength and learn (or review!) the fundamentals of yoga. You will practice basic postures, breath and meditations that will give you confidence both on and off your yoga mat.This class is appropriate for people who are completely new to yoga, but it’s also great for people returning to yoga after a hiatus or those who prefer a gentle, slow-paced class…

Beginner’s Yoga II:

 Beginners Yoga II is a continuation of the Beginners Yoga class incorporating more asanas (yoga postures) and fundamental movement. This class is suitable for those who do not consider themselves a “raw beginner” to yoga. Patrons do not need to have attended Beginners Yoga to attend this class. Sign up Here.



Not currently teaching:  

Heated Hatha: In a moderately heated room (90 – 100 deg.) we practice long-held postures, both muscular and passive.  There is also a slow-paced flow portion of the class.  *Bonus of this class – two savasanas! (savasana = relaxation, dead man’s pose)

Pilates-Yoga Fusion:
 A whole-body practice that brings together the best elements of both disciplines: developing core strength, meeting fun challenges, learning Pilates
on-target anatomical methods of freeing your body while combining the breath work and de-stressing movements of both. New to pilates but know yoga?  Know pilates but new to yoga? This class is a great introduction to both disciplines.

Power Flow Yoga: Set to motivating music, this class emphasizes dynamic, muscular movements that strengthen muscles and inspire confidence.

 Vin & Yin: This class blends the long held, deep-stretching postures of Yin Yoga with an energetic Vinyasa Flow. (Think “Yin and Yang!”) Appropriate for practitioners with some yoga experience.

Gentle Yoga: Much of this class is done in a  seated or standing position, moving the body in simple ways that increase circulation, gently warm and bring fluid to the joints, and make the body feel grounded.  There is an emphasis on breath, balance, and gentle core strengthening.

Moderate Flow (or Vinyasa) Yoga: 
A slower paced class that emphasizes fundamental aspects of yoga alignment, breath, and meditation. Slower vinyasa flows are introduced to help calm the mind by linking breath and movement.  Postures are demonstrated and variations are explored.  Also will appeal to practitioners who prefer a more moderate pace

Yoga and the Energetic Body: Through a simple yoga practice you can learn to feel and nourish the subtle or “energetic” body—the field around you that movement, intention, communication, and emotion create. Strengthen your awareness and learn to move your OWN energy with more intention and purpose. Co-taught with Amanda Schuster of Ansa Healing Practices.


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