Private Lessons

I specialize in private yoga sessions, or small-group sessions.  I customize the sessions to YOUR needs, whether they are:

  • learning the basics of yoga in a casual, judgement-free zone
  • the convenience of an in-home practice
  • special adaptations for physical needs
  • or personalized meditation and stress relief techniques. 

I want to guide you in an experience of the restorative, rejuvenating power of your own “inner light.”

I have experience with pre-natal, chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries, and yoga for athletes.

I give you a no-excuses yoga program:

  • I come to your home or office, on your schedule, so you can practice in privacy and convenience.
  • It’s easy to make a commitment when you have a dedicated time to practice with me each week…and when your practice session is tailored to your exact needs and goals.
  • I demystify yoga for you – no worrying about being a newbie or beginner, knowing the lingo, or what to wear.

Practice with your spouse, your friends, your sister, your bridal party, your brother, your daughter, your son, your co-workers, your partner…or by yourself.  Your positive experience will inevitably be shared with others.  

Click here to see what my clients have said about me.

Before our first session you will complete a survey about your needs and goals. 

Please contact me for more information or book a session below.

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