Prenatal Yoga Level 1

You don’t need to be a pregnant mama to do this practice! This is a beginner-intermediate level yoga practice to stretch and strengthen the low back and legs, and to stretch the hips. You will want to have a yoga block and/or some blankets or stackable pillows nearby – especially if you are a pregnant mama. In the beginning of this recording there is a short explanation of prenatal modifications, making then entire practice about 65 minutes long. *You practice this podcast at your own risk – Please consult your doctor before practicing.

pregnant om

4 thoughts on “Prenatal Yoga Level 1

  1. This was the perfect class for me, even though I am not expecting. I am recovering from a knee injury and the gentle movements helped me to do a practice without hiring my knee. Also, the music was interesting and I enjoyed it much. Namaste and thank you for your podcast

    • You’re so welcome! This is one of the best podcasts I’ve made so far, in my opinion. I’m glad it worked for your knee!

  2. I’m so glad I found this podcast again! It mysteriously disappeared from iTunes, so thank you for making it available on your website. I’m 32 weeks pregnant with twins, a runner (when not pregnant), a yogi and, like you, a Spanish teacher! I’m trying to keep up my practice to help my birth experience be more natural as well as to return to a regular practice after the babies are here. Un millón de gracias.

    • Hi Jen! Wow we have a lot in common! (no babies for me though) I’m SO glad this podcast helps you out! Is there a particular style of yoga you practice/d sans baby?

      I’ve tried to update itunes again recently so it might work there again in a day or two. It is so befuddling to me!

      Anyway, thanks SO much for commenting and of course ¡FELICIDADES y buena suerte!

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