Level 1 Hatha Core Strength Practice – Gentle Inner Light.

This is a 65minute slow, graceful, gentle practice that will warm and strengthen your “core” muscles. This practice also makes use of the darkness of winter months to turn your awareness inwards, to nourish and observe your inner light – your core being – or the”supreme and ever blissful inner light” (yoga sutras 1.36). *You will need an extra, rolled-up mat, and possibly a belt or strap for hamstring stretching.

From swamiJ.com:

1.36 Or concentration on a painless inner state of lucidness and luminosity also brings stability and tranquility.innerlight_l0u9
(vishoka va jyotishmati)

  • vishoka = state free from pain, grief, sorrow, or suffering
  • va = or (or other practices in 1.34-1.39)
  • jyotishmati = the bright effulgence, lucidity, luminosity, inner light, supreme or divine light

Meditation on Core-Being or inner luminosity: The easiest way to practice this is to place your attention in the the center of your chest, the heart center. Simply imagine that there is a glowing, luminous orb there, about the size of the palm of your hand. Whether or not you literally see with your inner eye is not important; the practice works either way. Maintain an inner attitude that it does not matter what other thoughts, images, impressions or memories might arise in the mind field; you will hold that stance that these will not disturb or distract you. Stay only with that glowing inner luminosity in the heart. As you breathe, increase the size of the luminous orb, and then bring it back to its original size.  With each breath, increase the size of the light in 3 dimensions – to the size of a grapefruit, a beach ball, and even larger, extending beyond and outside of your skin.  Grow it all around you to any size that feels good, then bring it back to its original size.  Conclude your mediation by looking at what you see with your eyes close, and taking a last, deep, breath.

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