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Alternate Nostril Breathing – this ~10 minute podcast is a breath exercise that will help to calm and focus your mind.

BONUS Vinyasa Yoga – Recorded live, this approx. 75 min. (including Savasana) podcast works towards Wild Thing and Half-Moon pose. Appropriate for experienced yoga-asana practitioners.

BONUS Beginner Yoga II – Recorded live, this approx. 55 min. (including Savasana) podcast builds on the first episode in this Beginner Yoga Series.  Includes child’s pose, chair/fierce pose, and adding props to the practice (a strap, for supine hand-to-big-toe-pose)

Beginner Yoga I – this is the first of a series of podcasts designed for people who have done little to no yoga before. Approximately 35 min., includes warm-up, standing postures and Savasana.

Moon Salutation – This ~10 min podcast keeps you close to the ground while flowing, vinyasa style.

Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutations Explained – This is a 3-part podcast which will hopefully help clear up some common misconceptions about Surya Namaskars.  Also, I hope it will inspire you to practice some Sun Salutations almost everyday, with a sense of joy, energy, and devotion in your heart.  Happy summer!

20 min. WarmUp & WakeUp – Appropriate for beginner to intermediate practitioners, this practice will help warm and loosen the shoulder and hip joints.    It works with the mantra “SO HAM” which is the “Universal” mantra because it links to the breath.

Vipassana and Rose Meditation – This podcast introduces Vipassana or Insight meditation, and a visualization meditation that helps to prepare you for upcoming events or difficult issues. Click here for podcast

Yang Yoga Video: Advancing and Retreating Warrior Shoulder and wrist issues can be a challenge when finding a vinyasa yoga class. This intermediate level practice is easy on the shoulders and is still excellent for “getting your energy moving” the way vinyasa yoga does. Click here for the video

A Little Yoga is Better than No Yoga! 20min Shoulder and Hip Opener –  A little yoga is better than no yoga at all! This ~20 yoga practice is appropriate for strong beginners to intermediate students.  It focuses on opening shoulders and hips.

Grounding, Re-energizing, Integrating the Shadow Side – especially for the holiday season – a time when we’re all dealing with a demanding social calendar, sugar-overload,  stressful holiday travel, and more.

Yin Yoga and Mantra Meditation This month’s podcast is an approx. 30 min Yin Yoga practice, with a meditation on the mantra OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA.

Clarifying the Heart & Mind Hatha YogaThis ~30 min. hatha yoga session will help to clarify heart, mind and emotions. It  is appropriate for beginner to intermediate students.

A Chakra-chanting meditation Each bija mantra or seed sound is chanted 9 times,  and then 9 beats of silence to represent the  Sahasrara  or crown mantra.  Use the picture of the chakras and their bija mantras found here.

Saha Navavatu & Sarve Bhavantu (a Sanskrit invocation and blessing) These are recorded with pauses between words so that you can learn the chants in a call and response form.

Level 0-1 Grounding Movement and Meditation. This is a short (~25 min), “grounding” yoga practice and meditation:  there is about 15 minutes of gentle movements that almost anyone can do, and about 10 minutes of a guided visualization.   Music by: Rara Avis & Cindy Lee; Johnathan Goldman (Ultimate OM)

Level 1 Vinyasa and OM Meditation.  I offer this ~60 minute Gentle Vinyasa Podcast.  There is a relatively short(6-7 min) meditation.  The practice is appropriate for beginners.

Saraswati Mantra. A friend convinced me to post this, it’s a 3-track recording of me singing puja to Saraswati.

Level 2 Heart-Opening Vinyasa.  Inspired by a poem by Rumi, this 60min Heart-Opening (backbending!) practice that invites you to open you body-temple to all unexpected visitors.  It begins with a “heart bench” which requires 2 blocks or a blanket to set up.  See Helpful Pictures for guidance.

Yin Yoga. 60 min. practice of Yin Yoga. (There is also a half-way mark which is pointed out – it is an appropriate stopping point if you need a shorter practice).  You will need some props like several blankets and/or pillows. See Helpful pictures for guidance

Yin Yoga for the Late Summer/Feeling at Home A ~20 min Yin Yoga practice with emphasis on the Spleen & Stomach meridians for the late summertime.   Thanks to Sarah Powers’ book “Insight Yoga” for some of the content of this podcast.

Prenatal Yoga. You don’t need to be a pregnant mama to do this practice! This is ~65 minute beginner-intermediate level yoga practice to stretch and strengthen the low back and legs, and to stretch the hips. *You practice this podcast at your own risk – Please consult your doctor before practicing

Level 1 Hatha Practice. Gentle Inner Light. This is a slow, graceful, gentle practice that will warm and strengthen your “core” muscles. *You will need an extra, rolled-up mat, and possibly a belt or strap for hamstring stretching.

Level 1-2 Vinyasa Flow. Ham – So. This 60 min, intermediate practice builds leg endurance.  We work with the mantra “Ham-so” or “I am that.” **If the first lunge sequence makes your legs too tired, support yourself by dropping your back knee to the ground***

If you like the classes,  don’t like the classes, have suggestions or questions, please comment! I promise to get back to you right away. 



6 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Your thoughts are inspiring. I am 65 and have practiced yoga about 11 years and it has helped me keep my balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I fall our of balance every day but I know what to do to regain the balance–and sometimes it is a struggle.

      • Inner light practice was beautiful. The cues were right on, so no visual was needed. The imagery of the light helped me keep focus. Thank you!

  2. Very informative post. Thanks for adding it. I will be checking back often to see what other amazing information you add.

  3. Your grounding meditation was amazing. I began my day with it and plan on doing so as often as I can. I urge your podcast listeners to try it out. Thanks, Jen.

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