Courage & Determination: Headstand

This approximately 75 minute practice will provide whole-body energizing movement and unique ways to strengthen your core. It is appropriate for level 2/3, but there are many modifications offered. Have fun in a brief “yoga play time” where you will be invited to practice Courage & Determination through practicing Sirsasana, or headstand. If you have neck issues consider using the “yoga play time” to do any of your favorite yoga poses. Or, if you’re just not comfortable practicing Headstand, or don’t want to, leave it out and do another favorite pose!

And lucky you, there’s a VIDEO for this one!

Practicing headstand means practicing courage and determination; but if headstand is not for you, courage and determination can mean consistently making the choices that will serve you best: “This is the true yoga: the unbinding of the bonds of sorrow. Practice this yoga with determination and a courageous heart.” – Bhagavad Gita 6.26 (translation by Stephen Mitchell)

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