NEW Beginner Class

Beginner Yoga

beginner yoga golden co
  • Develop strength and learn (or review!) the fundamentals of yoga in a casual, fun environment with other beginners.
  • Learn what it means to “listen to your body.”
  • Come as you are – this class is appropriate for people who are 100% new to yoga. You don’t even need to own a yoga mat!
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You will learn basic postures, breath practices and meditations that will give you confidence and strength both on and off your yoga mat. If you’re not sure if this class will be suitable for you, you can observe a class for free before attending and/or contact me: Jen – jenmccarronyoga(at)

  • Begins Tuesday, August 29th 2017, 6 – 7 PM 
  • Pricing and Location Info Here
  • This class takes place at PranaTonic Yoga Studio at 2600 East St, Golden CO
  • See my full public schedule here.