Vinyasa LEV. 2 VIDEO!

Check out the audio version above, or do a rare video from me!

Recorded at PranaTonic, in Golden CO, this casual, yet intellectually stimulating class was inspired by Shiva Rea’s dance-like vinyasa style. If you love twists, this class is for you!   See PranaTonic’s full class schedule here. 

You will cycle through ample moments of heating and core strengthening as well as moments of stillness and self-reflection. There is a generous savasana. The class culminates with a challenging balance pose (Utthita Parivrtta Hasta Padangustasana – Standing Revolved Hand to Big Toe pose) and belly-down backbends. You will also practice Svādhyāya (or self-study) by contemplating words like Generous, Free, and Brave. Enjoy this thoughtful, but quite playful vinyasa!

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