Real Life Yoga Vinyasa

This Free Real Life Yoga Yinyasa is about 30 minutes long.   It will be appropriate for almost every-body. Unfortunately, f you can’t be or are uncomfortable on your knees, I don’t recommend this practice for you.  I will work on a knee-friendly vinyasa!  In the meantime, here is standing-only practice for you. There are a few interruptions in this lovely practice to remind you that your yoga in is REAL LIFE!!! We all just do the best we can.

This Real Life practice is especially good for pregnant practitioners.  In additional, if you have an ample belly or breasts, OR just don’t like being face down on the floor, this practice is FOR YOU.

Suggested Props: 3 pillows, 2 yoga blocks (sturdy tin cans work!), a blanket.

Real Life Yoga 30 minute free podcast