Fun Twisty Flow

This Free Fun Twisty Yoga Flow Podcast is my apology for skipping 3 months of posts 🙁 The Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) that begins this practice includes a set of very twisty, very balance-y lunges. Your legs will work.  After a visit to some more tricky balances, wild-thing and “vishnu’s couch” you come back to earth with seated and floor poses.  There is also an opportunity to try baby-grasshopper.  Enjoy this moderately-sweaty yoga workout. Suggested props: 2 blocks, (books, water bottles, canned beans work too) a strap (leash, belt, rope, or towel work too) and a blanket.

Free Fun Twisty Yoga Flow Podcast

P.S. Chapita means father, not brother like I said :/

This class was recorded on 10/22/16 at PranaTonic Yoga + Wellness. 

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