Yin Intro

This Free Basic Yin Yoga Intro Podcast is my “Sorry” for skipping three months of posts! 🙁 This 45 minute, basic yin practice will introduce you to some of the basics of “how-to” yin yoga.  You will stretch the tissues of your hips and lower body in figure 4, sleeping swan, and caterpillar.  The yin poses are held about 5 minutes each, but you don’t need to stay in the whole time.

Suggested Props: bolster or a few stacked pillows (firm couch pillows work well), a blanket, and a block or a few books.

Free Basic Yin Yoga Intro Podcast

Free Basic Yin Yoga Intro Podcast

During this podcast, you will hear me helping students customize the postures.  The idea in Yin Yoga is to adjust the FORM or POSTURE to your own needs.  You’re meant to feel the stretch in a targeted area, not re-create or mimic a pose the teacher is doing.

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