EXTREME!!!! Gentle Yoga

EXTREME!!!! Gentle Yoga Free Podcast is a ~60 min yoga practice will be accessible to almost every-body.  It is an extremely gentle, all seated/reclining session that also incorporates yin-yoga stretches (longer held stretches that can be made intense if desired) and restorative postures (very comfy relaxing postures with almost no stretching).  You will need a yoga bolster (2 regular bed pillows will do, or even a smaller couch cushion), 2 blankets (folded neatly and flat) and two yoga blocks. (If you don’t have yoga blocks don’t worry – I give a substitution posture).

As always, please feel free to Contact Me with questions or comments.  Or, visit me in person at a Public Session.  

Songs on this session come from my Spotify Playlist:

Here are the songs in list form:

Heart Chakra: Continuous Gong for Meditation – Tibetan Singing Bowls for Relaxation, Meditation and Chakra Balancing

Left Bank – Michael E

Muladhara – Shiva Rea, Alex Theory

Moist – Ghostfriend

Sahasrara – Shiva Rea, Alex Theory

D-Moll – session 1 – Tosca

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – Jane Winther

Om Mani – Lisbeth Scott

Savasana – Josh Brill

Colorado – Lotus

Om Mani Padme Hum 1 – Jane Winther

WEIGHTLESS – Marconi Union

Weightless Part 4 – Marconi Union

To Infinity – 432Hz Yoga

Movement 1 Ether – DJ Drez

A Cool Wind Is Blowing – Djivan Gasparyan

Don’t Bother They’re Here – Stars Of The Lid

Cantamilla – Tranquility Bass

Reflexion on the Intact – 432Hz Yoga, 432HZ Nature Sound

My Deep Breathing – 432Hz Yoga

Your Inner Focus – 432Hz Yoga

Observing the Lotus – 432Hz Yoga

Trascend the Ego – 432Hz Yoga

Being That Remains Unchanged – 432Hz Yoga

Inner Sound – 432Hz Yoga, 432HZ Meditation

The Witness Conciousness – 432Hz Yoga

Watch the Observer – 432Hz Yoga, 432HZ Tibetan Bowls

Swerve – Flipside

Radiant City – Robin Guthrie, Harold Budd

Perth – amiina

Prelude for HS – Hakon Stene

Closing – Nada Sadhana, Kevin Courtney

Little Flower Garden – Djivan Gasparyan

Ahmad emerges from the Ancient Wounds – Marcel Khalife & Mahmoud Darwish