Entitled To Presence – Strong Vinyasa Flow

Entitled 2 Presence Free Strong Vinyasa Flow Podcast will get you moderately sweaty.   You will need a blanket, yoga block or other sturdy prop, and a strap (or rope or leash or belt etc.). This moderately-paced vinyasa session begins with a short mudra and meditation. It continues with unique strength- building sun-salutations which include Vashistasana (side plank) and wild thing.  There are several challenging balance poses and balance-based core strengthening movements.  End the practice with a story about Buddha’s triumph over self-doubt and with an approximately 10 minute Savasana (corpse pose).  This session is recommended for more experienced yoga-asana practitioners. *Don’t forget to review, rate & subscribe on iTunes!

You, and your body, no matter what form you take, are “Entitled 2 Presence” here on your yoga mat, and here on the earth.  It may not always feel like, sometimes you need to carve out your own space.  And that’s where the present moment awareness of yoga can help out. <3

Entitled 2 Presence Free Strong Vinyasa Flow Podcast

Young women and men having yoga meditation

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