30 Min to Chill: Yin/Restorative Mashup

This Yin Restorative Mashup Free Yoga Podcast practice is appropriate for all levels.  You will need a bolster or a few blankets or pillows, a firmly rolled towel or yoga block, and a strap or leash or rope of some kind.  This brief yoga session is ideal for settling down before bed. You will stretch out any feeling of stickiness or density through your hips and back, and then gently relax your back and any tension around your spine in a supported twist. You will also be treated to a “bedtime” or anytime story about a faithful pup from the Mahabharata, one of the two Sanskrit epics of India. Yin Restorative Mashup Free Yoga Podcast

Ambient background sounds are quiet rainforest sounds and tibetan singing bowls, provided by http://mynoise.net/