FREE! Rara Avis 90 min Yoga Music

You are gonna love this Free Yoga Music by Rara Avis.  Mostly instrumental with some nature sounds, this 90 minute., improvised music will guide you into your practice gracefully, and with gentle energy.

“Rara’s live sets are a mixture of guitar, vocals, and dj techniques that combine pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements to create a truly original, shamanic, heart felt transmission of music for embodiment. Styles range across a multitude of genres including Ambient, Downtempo, World groove, African, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Tribal, Funk, House, and Hip Hop. Whether it be in a yoga class, on an ecstatic dance floor or at a festival – Rara’s sounds are guaranteed to take you on a journey of blissful re-entry into the soul.” (from his page, on which you can get MORE free yoga music.)

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