Restore+Renew Practice (Prenatal Friendly)

This 60 minute Restore Renew Prenatal Friendly Practice is a revitalizer. You don’t have to be pregnant to do this practice – everyone needs some time to restore!  There is a short standing and low-lunge sequence, and a longer savasana (final rest pose) You will need a blanket or pillow, and a strap or leash or rope of some kind.

🍼 🙏NOTE: if you are PREGNANT OMIT the “lowering down to your belly” and “cobra” and “locust” poses which are done lying on your belly – OMIT these and do CHILD’S POSE instead.🍼 🙏

This gentle sequence came to me after I spent three days in the hospital in Cusco, Peru! After being stuck in a hospital bed with an iv, my body needed to restore my energy.  Gentle movement renewed my energy and I began to heal little by little

This sequence will be accessible to almost every-body. Enjoy! Restore Renew Heal Free Gentle+Prenatal Yoga Podcast

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