Reclining Fish Pose and Eagle Arms tutorial

Reclining Fish Pose and Eagle Arms Free Yoga Tutorial is meant as a supplement for the subscriber only episode “Thanksgiving Slow Flow,” . However, it is also a good practice to do on its own.  You will open your chest and relieve tension in your shoulders.   Suggestes props: a strap or belt, two yoga blocks or two firmly rolled towels.

Reclining Fish Pose and Eagle Arms Free Yoga Tutorial

Eagle “Garudasana” Arms with Strap

Fish pose is said to stimulate the thyroid, which secretes hormones important to metabolism, energy levels and many other body-rhythm functions:

One study took participants and watched how Yoga influenced their thyroid hormone output. It showed that a measurable change in thyroid hormone output could be seen as quickly as a month.[1] The volunteers were divided into two groups – one did specific Yoga postures for the thyroid, the other did physical therapy exercises for the same amount of time and with the same frequency. Those doing the Yoga poses showed a measurable increase in thyroid hormone output in as quickly as the first month. No such changes were shown for those doing physical therapy. Clearly the results were more than just those from general exercise.[1] S. B. Rawal, M. V. Singh, A. K. Tyagi, W. Selvamurthy, B. N. Chaudhuri. Effect of yogic exercises on thyroid function in subjects resident at sea level upon exposure to high altitude. International Journal of Biometeorology. March 1994, Volume 38, Issue 1, pp 44-47.

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