Jala Namaskar & Cat Stance Tutorial

This 10 minute Jala Namaskar Cat Stance Free Yoga Tutorial will help you practice the Subscriber Only Podcast  “Thanksgiving Slow Flow.”

Jala Namaskar Cat Stance Free Yoga Tutorial

Shiva Rea Demonstrating Part of Jala Namaskar

The Jala Namaskar was something I learned from yoga-lebrity Shiva Rea. Jala means Water in Sanskrit, so the movements are meant to be flowing and graceful.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out that way – just do your best!

Cat Stance is from martial arts, and is a stance that masters balance and movement simultaneously:

However, as with all traditional Karate stances out there, the true mastery of nekoashi-dachi [cat stance] lies not so much in visual minutiae (like the fact that the back foot should be rotated 30 degrees outward according to the JKF [Japan Karate-do Federation]), but more in the internal machinery of the “stance”.To put it briefly; it’s all about your center of gravity.  More specifically, your control over it.  Contrary to popular belief, the real value of nekoashi-dachi lies in its preceeding and subsequent transition – not its static execution or posing. (http://www.karatebyjesse.com/improve-neko-dachi-cat-stance-guide/)