Subscriber: Thanksgiving Yoga Slow Flow

In this Subscriber Only Thanksgiving Yoga Slow Flow you may need to consult tutorials relevants to this podcast:

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You will need two yoga blocks, one strap, and one folded blankets for this ~75 minute,  level 1 – 2 practice.  This is a slow flow with a focus on Ease and Trust.

(Inspired by Sean Tabor of Dragon Rising in Santa Fe, there is a relatively unusual pose in this practice called “Cat Stance”, see below for the image.  Note the feet.  iTunes users see an image of “cat stance” here: Subscriber Only Thanksgiving Yoga Slow Flow


When you consciously cultivate (kritajna) a sense of Ease and Trust, the journey to gratitude is shorter – it’s easier to feel supported, cared for, nourished when you bring a sense of ease to your body.  And that makes it easier to give, in turn, to others.  This podcast was recorded on Thanksgiving Day, 2015 at Pranatonic in Golden, CO.