Evening PJ Practice

This is a 30-minute, Free Evening Yoga Class Podcast.  Gentle and flowing, this practice is appropriate for  almost Every Body. You will ease and stretch your neck, shoulders and hips which will help release stress from your body, making your evening calm.

Keeping you close to the floor, the practice encourages you to release worry and fear into your breath, and into Mother Earth. A great pre- and post- holiday slow-down session.

Free Evening Yoga Class Podcast

I couldn’t pin down a source for this lovely picture – if you know, contact me!

You will need a strap, blanket, and yoga block or firmly rolled towel. *As always, please don’t forget to rate, review and subsscribe on iTunes!

As always, Contact Me with any questions or feedback.  If you’d like to practice with me in person, visit one of my Public Classes.  

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