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Free Yoga Class Arm Balance Flow will help your gain strength.  Arm-balances look impressive, and their challenge is obvious – it can take a lot of strength to balance on your hands! But, it takes a less obvious, more subtle strength to know when to back off from challenges, and then to actually set aside your ego and do so.

In this sweaty but deliberately paced flow you will have several opportunities to choose to take or set aside challenges. You will be encouraged to go underneath your skin and explore how various challenges effect your inner attitude or environment. The “peak posture” of this session is the arm balance Ashtavakrasana, named after the Indian sage Ashtavakra. After being briefly introduced to the story of Ashtavakra, you may be inspired to deeply examine just how your outer posture or even physical form effects the soul inside you.

This class is meant for more experienced asana/posture practitioners, and those with healthy hands and wrists.

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