Build a Bridge – Beginner Yoga

Build a Bridge

This Beginner Bridge Free Yoga Class will help you “build a bridge,” that is, take you on journey towards bridge pose. According to Yoga Journal, Bridge Pose has TONS of benefits including calming the brain, helping to alleviate stress, and stimulating abdominal organs. It is also said to be therapeutic for asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis (allergies). My favorite benefit of bridge pose is that it helps to open the slouchy chest posture we all get after driving, or working on the computer!

You will prepare your spine with a slow-paced standing warm-up, including a few sun salutations with lots of variations offered so you can customize your practice for your body, your experience, and your energy level. We also practice triangle and tree pose. The physical practice concludes with an exploration of bridge pose – I offer several variations to help you tailor the posture for your body’s ability.

In final relaxation pose/Savasana I offer what my friend and I call a “core being” meditation. This meditation is meant to introduce practitioners to a simple visualization method of meditation.

After the practice you will hear a short discussion about how to care for your specific physical differences or conditions in a public yoga class.

Suggested Props: Props: You will need two blocks (or even two sturdy books or water bottles) a folded blanket, and a strap of some kind: you could use a belt or even dog leash.

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