“Ruff” Night Yoga

Rough Night Free Yoga Class is for when you’ve had a rough night.  Maybe you had a late airplane flight, or you have insomnia, or stress or pregnancy issues keep you awake. This session will help you shake off the icky tired feeling, and help you feel strong and at easy. You’ll start and end standing, to meet the day with energy. If balance is a challenge to you, start by facing a wall, with the SHORT edge of your mat about an arm’s length away from the wall. There is a special musical track accompanying this practice – quiet Isochronic tones mixed with pretty guitar music and forest sounds are meant to get your brainwaves running in the “beta” range – helping you feel more energetic and motivated. This music comes from Brainwave Studio – available as an app in iTunes.

If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Me, or visit one of my Public Classes.

Rough Night Free Yoga Class

Me and my parents’ dog Lightning