Fiery Firefly Vinyasa

This ~ 60 min. session has a mix of “fiery” core stoking movements along with cooling forward bends. The warming and vigorous flow opens your hips and hamstrings, and prepares your spine for the arm balance firefly pose (tittibhasana).  You will need two blocks and a strap.

Although this practice is challenging, remember: there’s no more yoga to be found in an arm balance than there is in child’s pose! (as one of my fav teachers says 🙂 ) To help remind you of this, I use a passage from Lorin Roche’s translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Sutra (verse 10 -12):

“…I am not a collection of incantations

Known only to experts.

I am not a ladder to be climbed,

A sequence for piercing energy centers in your body.

I am not to be found at the end of a long road.

I am right here.”

At the end of the practice, enjoy chanting along or listening to the beloved Gayatri Mantra.

 (iTunes users view the firefly pose here:


Tittibhasana from Light on Yoga


Music: Reflections by the magnificent Akal Dub

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