Flow to Side Crane+Crow

This Flow to Side Crane+Crow is about 75 min. You will prepare your body with LOTS of twists and hip openings to practice Side Crane (otherwise known as side crow).  बक = baka which means kind of heron or crane, according to Spoken Sanskrit Dictionary. Learn something new everyday, yogis!

Helpful images for iTunes listeners:

  • Side Crane: http://bit.ly/pys_sidecrane
  • Chest opening stretch used at the end of class: http://bit.ly/pys_cheststretch
  • Baby Krishna tricks his Mom: http://bit.ly/pys_krishnaeatsdirt
Flow to Side Crane+Crow

Parsva Bakasana – Side Crane (aka Side Crow) (from truetriangleyoga.wordpress.com)

Flow to Side Crane+Crow

chest opening stretch used at the end of class (from www.amongmen.com)








In the springtime I think about Krishna because he is associated with romance, love, playfulness and enchantment with the good and beautiful things on earth. That’s why I included a brief story about baby Krishna’s playful trick on his Mom.  He shows her his true godly nature in a way that is playful and silly.  We don’t always associate lightheartedness with divinity or universal truths and the story is  a good way to remember the adorable side of the cosmos. Namaste!

Baby Krishna (Gopala) eats the dirt


I recorded this intermediate level ~75 min. vinyasa podcast on March 25, 2015 at Carmody Rec Center in Lakewood (find my regularly scheduled group sessions here http://bit.ly/pysgroup)

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