Yin Yoga – Hanuman Heart

This ~ 75 min Free Yin Yoga Class session works on hips and spine. You will need a bolster or pillows, blocks, and one or two blankets. The theme of the session is Hanuman’s Faith in himself, which comes, of course, from his heart! There is also a few poses that work the heart meridian (a meridian is a highway through the body that runs along, theoretically, lines of fascia or connective tissue). There is also chanting for a few minutes after Savasana. Happy Valentine’s Day you sweethearts!  P.S. iTUNES USERS check these links if you need a VISUAL: HALF FROG —> http://bit.ly/halffrogyin CAT PULLS ITS TAIL —->http://bit.ly/catstailyin)


Free Yin Yoga Class

Cat Pulls Its Tail Pose (from yinyoga.com)

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