Mixed Level Arm Balancing Class

Free Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class is 65 minutes. You will stretch glutes and hip flexors. It has lots of variations and a moderate pace, so it is appropriate for strong beginners to advanced practitioners. You also learn the kramas or stages of eka pada koundinyasana II.  There is a meditation about grounding during the asanas and a mantra for Ganesha during savasana (corpse pose/final relaxation pose).  I recorded this podcast on January 23rd, at Littleton Yoga Center.

Free Strong Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

PREP POSE. (iTunes users see it at —> http://bit.ly/1JCU7gg) this is not me! This is Barbie Levasseur of http://www.barbielev.com/

EKA PADA KOUNDINYASANA I FULL POSE. (iTunes users see it at –> http://bit.ly/1zHBl7t This is not me either! this is BKS Iyengar from his famous book, Light on Yoga)





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Music on this podcast:  Beloved (Continuous Mix) by Akal Dub