Home Chai Recipe

Chai tea is GREAT for the chilly time of year.  All the different flavors make it a satisfying warm drink.  But, at coffee chains you can usually only get syrup or powdered chai, which is good but WAY to sugary for me.  The chai tea bags at coffee places always leave the tea too bland. So I make my own! Here’s how to make your own chai, your way. You can call it ” MY Chai”

You need: 

  • rooibos (for DECAF chai) or black tea
  • dried, chopped ginger root (powdered works too!)
  • cardamom pods
  • whole cloves
  • anise (optional)
  • cinnamon sticks
  • black pepper blend or regular
  • milk and sweetener of your choice

To make the tea:

  1. measure about  6 -7 TBS black of rooibos tea.  I do it on a piece of paper so I can funnel it into a bag when it’s done123 chai
  2. add 3 -4 TBS ginger (I like the flavor of ginger so I use a lot)
  3. add 1 TBS cardamom pods
  4. take 3 breaths 💮
  5. add 6 cinnamon stickschia 5678
  6. add 1 tsp anise seed (this will change the flavor of the tea a lot – using more makes it more “licorice-y” in my opinion)
  7. add  2 or more tsp cloves (this will also really change the flavor of the tea to be spicier)
  8. add several shakes of pepper – sorry, I never measure this.  I kind of just wait until I smell a little pepper smell
  9. Use the paper to funnel it all into a bag
  10. Smash! I use an empty beer bottle to gently crush the cinnamon into small pieces and the cardamom pods apart until they’re all open9_10_11chai
  11. Brew! About 2 TBS tea mixture makes a pot of 2 (two big, american sized cups 😉
  12. Steep 10 min or more depending on how strong you want it *with black tea, I’d keep it more like 5 minutes or so* Add milk and sweetener to taste.