BONUS Beginner Yoga Podcast II

This is a BONUS podcast, meaning I recorded it live in class (on November 5th, 2014) rather than in my home studio.   It is approximately 55 minutes long  including Savasana (Corpse/Final Relaxation Pose) and is the 2nd in my series for Beginners. It introduces:

  • linked breath and movement or vinyasa style yoga
  • child’s pose
  • chair pose
  • using props – a strap for supine hand-to-big-toe-pose
  • Pranayama or breath control practice
  • (there is a short discussion with a student about an adjustment to plank pose due to shoulder issues after the practice)

Please visit for more details on this practice.

Child’s Pose with Head Supported (from

Utkatasana/Chair Pose or FIERCE POSE image from:


Supine Hand to Big Toe Pose, with strap. Image from:

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Music on this podcast, I HIGHLY recommend Adham Shaik:

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