NEW Free Album

New Free Album from Akal Dub

Click here to go to YogiTunes to get this AWESOME free  FULL album! It’s mellow and introspective. akal dub beloved


Personally, I can’t get enough Akal Dub.  Here’s what YogiTunes says about this album:

“After being asked to play music for various yoga teachers at Beloved Festival 2014 in Tidewater Oregon, Akal took this chance to amplify his library of loops and samples to take the Yoga Dome by storm in a sacred sonic dreamwave. This record was composed, mixed, arranged and performed all live during a special event called the Lotus Sessions where practicioners were able to come into the yoga space and practice their own flow, stretches, chanting or whatever else they deemed they needed. During this time Akal created a soundscape to fit the various moods and energy that was being produced in the space. We humbly offer this session as a free Yogitunes Exclusive download for your practice and enjoyment.”