Meditation Podcast

Vipassana & Rose Visualization

This podcasts introduces two types of meditation:

The first (starts at 1:51; approx 5 min) is Vipassana or insight meditation, from the Buddhist tradition.  The benefits of Vipassana for everyday people are that it increases the overall tranquility of the mind, strengthens concentration and, with practice, can help relieve anxiety.  There are lots of scientific studies on its positive effects, but I suggest trying it yourself.  It is very simple, but not necessarily easy!

The second (starts at 9:28; approx. 10 min) is a Visualization meditation to help with difficult issues. It is adapted from a method taught by the Berkeley Psychic Institute. You will visualize a rose.  Use the pics below for inspiration 🙂

roses stitch

As always, if you have any questions, contact me.  And, if you’d like to practice with me in person visit my Public Classes or book a Private Lesson.