Happy Chinese New Year!




Happy Chinese New Year!  2014 is the year of the Yang wood horse!

The year of the Yang Wood Horse has “galloping forward” energy!  The horse is an energetic, hard-working and willful animal; wood has the characteristic of growth, and yang of course is the more active, moving energy (as opposed to yin.)

As the year goes forward, if you find yourself caught up in the forward momentum it is good to take time to balance the yang energy with some yin yoga.  I made this podcast a while back.  In particular, the “stirrup pose” will be particularly helpful – not only because of the symbolic connection to reigning in that galloping horse’s energy for your own conscious purposes but also because it will nourish the Liver and Gallbladder meridians, which pertain to the Wood element according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Liver and Gallbladder meridian health will support detoxification, perseverance and conscious decision-making.

Try some, or all of this podcast when you feel unbalanced this year. Namaste and Happy New Year!