Akal Dub

Akal Dub: free music download from YogiTunes

Just wanted to turn everyone onto this great album being offered for free on YogiTunes right now.   I have practiced to this album a few times now and it is very helpful to me. The rhythms seem very fitting for my slower paced ashtanga-vinyasa practice; and the groove is deep.  It is modern but doesn’t involve any dubstep type stuff bass (like happens with newer yoga music from time to time – now, I happen like dubstep but not for asana practice 😉 and has a good trance vibe. Just my opinion!

You will probably have to register for YogiTunes newsletter to get the free download, but it is WORTH it – both for Akal Dub’s album AND the Yogitunes hookup.  I have discovered a lot of great music through YogiTunes, and they do free downloads from time to time.

Click the pic below or this link to get it.  Don’t forget the coupon code below.  Enjoy!

free akal dub