Quick Study Break Yoga

This ~20 yoga practice is appropriate for strong beginners to intermediate students.  It focuses on opening shoulders and hips making it a great “study-break” or work break yoga practice. This Free Podcast is also GREAT for keeping your yoga new-years resolution on track.  The good news is, your resolution doesn’t have to be heavy to be worthwhile.  A little yoga is better than no yoga at all!

Here is “puppy-dog pose” for those of you who are not familiar:

Just a Little Yoga Free Podcast

To do “1/2 puppy dog pose” just fold one arm so that your forearm is parallel to the top edge of your yoga mat.  Rest your forehead on that forearm or wrist.

If you would like to practice yoga with me in person find me at one of my regularly scheduled Group Classes.

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Music in this podcast:

“Sensorium” by Delerium Electronica from The Art Of Chill 2
“Wild Fennel” by Guitar from It’s Sweet To Do Nothing
“Nectar Drop” by DJ Drez World from  Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs
“Jaia Ganesha” by Dum Dum Project New Age from  Yoga Rhythms
“Lebanese Blonde” by Thievery Corporation from It Takes A Thief  

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  1. This was a perfect practice for this cold snowy day when I could not get out of my driveway to go to yoga class. Thank you, Jen

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