Holidaze? Guided meditation to help handle holiday stress and emotion

THIS PODCAST is especially for the holiday season – a time when we’re all dealing with a demanding social calendar, sugar-overload,  stressful holiday travel, and more. When you’re done with the meditation, make sure you have a little time to breathe.  This technique won’t make you permanently “calm and bright” but it can give you an in-road to dealing with difficult emotions during this hectic time of year.


A MAJOR difficulty for a lot of folks (including me) experience during the “holidaze” is the expectation that “all is calm, all is bright.”  In the meantime, there are dozens of obligations to fill and it’s the darkest time of the year!  It is estimated that 2 – 10% of Americans suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). (1)

holiday depression wine

TAKING A cue from the movements of the planets we could use this time of year when the days are shortest and the nights are longest to get comfortable in our own darkness, in our own stillness, and waning activity.  Instead these months tend to be the busiest on the calendar.

SO WHAT do you do when the winter blues come around? Do you shove stress, sadness, or anxiety out of sight and keep a happy face around friends and family? This can seem helpful in the short term, but in my experience this leads to a more difficult and energy-sapping blow-out down the road.

ACKNOWLEDGING THE negative emotions you experience without letting them over-run you can help you reduce your stress, and help you know yourself better. That’s what this podcast is all about!  In the new-agey circles I travel in this is called “welcoming your Shadow Side.”   

shadow-self-G-Gawne-KelnarYOUR SHADOW Side stores and experiences your difficult moments so that you don’t have to be constantly, consciously, aware of them.  The problem is, if we never allow ourselves to consciously feel or process those crummy feelings, the Shadow Side gets to be storing more and more of them.  Until that one moment when one little thing – whether its a commercial, an off-hand comment by a spouse, or accidentally boiling over the hot chocolate – sets you off and ALL the stuff starts to come flying out! 

THIS GUIDED visualization is about 23 min. long, but once you get used to the steps you can do it very quickly.  I do it before and after all of my yoga classes while I’m in my car (eyes open of course!).  (I learned this meditation from my teacher, who learned it from the Berkley Psychic Institute)

(AND thank you to those who voted and asked for a guided visualization meditation!)

There are 3 parts to this meditation:

1) Getting GROUNDED – creating a “grounding cord” which will help you to be in the present moment, leaving the stresses of the holiday season aside for the moment.grounding-cords-roots

2) CALLING BACK your own energy  by creating a golden sun – checking in with all the projects and people you love getting your energy back from them.  It doesn’t mean you don’t still love and find them important, it just means they don’t need you right this very moment!Yellow-Chakra-Mandala-275x298

3) INTEGRATING with your shadow side – Acknowledging or remembering those moments or emotions that have been difficult for you and the part of you that helps you process them – your “shadow side.” Then, giving thanks and nourishing your shadow side to begin the healing of the issues connected to the experiences.

As always, if you have any questions or comments on this podcast, contact me!

(1)The Winter Blues Can Be a Sad Story  http://www.osteopathic.org/osteopathic-health/about-your-health/health-conditions-library/general-health/Pages/winter-blues.aspx