Yoga Podcast for Clarity

Yoga to Clarify the Heart & Mind

Free Yoga Clear Your Mind Class

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Free Yoga Clear Your Mind Class is  ~30 min. long.  The session will help to clarify heart, mind and emotions. It  is appropriate for beginner to intermediate students.  It introduces Yoga Sutra 1.34:

1.34:  The mind is also calmed by regulating the breath, particularly attending to exhalation and the natural stilling of breath that comes from such practice.

I’ve liked this sutra since the first time I read it – what could be more simple? Clarify your heart, mind and emotions by *paying attention to your breath – in particular, the exhalation.* You’ll hear me coach you to count the breath out.

I hope this podcast can help you find a few moments of stillness in your day, as well as be a practice for citta-prasadanam or clarification of your physical, emotional and mental being.  Namaste!

Here is a picture of “Gate Pose” in case you are unfamiliar:

Free Yoga Clear Your Mind Class

Parighasana “Gate Pose”
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Music on this  podcast:

  • Om Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) by Deva Premal & Miten Feat. Manose, Maneesh De Moor from A Deeper Light
  • Krishna’s Dub  by (feat. Marti Nikko and Domonic Dean Breaux)  DJ Drez  from Jahta Beat: The Lotus Memoirs
  • Om Shanti Shanti   by Adham Shaikh from Resonance
  • OM by Jonathan Goldman from Ultimate Om

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