21-day Mantra Journey

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If you missed this free mantra and meditation experience back in the Spring (the snow was still falling here in Denver, I think!) you’re in luck!  Deva Premal & Miten are holding their online mantra immersion again starting on September 10th.

Sign up for the free mantra and meditation journey here.

I have used their mantras and their teachings about mantras in my group classes for the past several months.  I also use mantras in my work in private sessions to help clear the mind, to center, and to set and maintain intentions both lofty and earthly.   Mantras are designed to re-program your mind, so to speak.  I have many mantras that I use in my own life to support my spiritual growth.

This journey is really an invaluable tool for learning about mantra science, meditation, Sanskrit and for experiencing healing.  Check it out!  (It’s also available in Spanish!)