20-min Yin Podcast

An ~20 min Yin Yoga practice (listen using player below)with emphasis on the Spleen & Stomach meridians for the late summertime.  You don’t have to know exactly what that means to enjoy the practice!  These are relatively gentle, long held (~5 min. each) yoga postures help you experience contentment (Santosha) no matter where you are and to nourish your sense of “earthiness” or connection to your environment.  As in all Yin practices, avoid any pain sensations, but try to sit with any minor “discomfort” that arises.  All the wiggles and distractions are part of the practice!

Also, this podcast is a sneak peek of the workshop I’ll be teaching with collegue Bev Obenchain at Littleton Yoga on 8/25/2013!  Click here for more information and sign up!

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insight yoga cover

A great book to check out if you’re interested in yin yoga

Thanks to Sarah Powers’ book “Insight Yoga” for some of the content of this podcast.  Check out her great book

!If you would like to practice with me in person, you could try a Public Class or Private Session.

Music aka Earthy beats:

“Earth” (feat. Rara Avis) by Shaman’s Dream

“Eastern Slide” by Dub Sutra

“You Are We Am I” [Blue Mix] by T.J. Rhemi/Varma

“Shivasana” Vir McCoy & Evan Fraser