Yin Workshop 8/25

Yin Yoga and the Transition from Summer to Fall
This workshop is not yet listed on the Littleton Yoga Center homepage – please refer to that page in the coming weeks for updates on pricing and time.  Thanks!
Become whole in your yoga practice. You’ll learn how an active yoga practice that focuses on the muscular half of your tissues (“Yang” yoga) is complimented by a deeper, quieter practice  focused on ligaments, joints, fascial networks and bones (“Yin” yoga). Together yin and yang support a whole practice. Add a new element to your yoga practice and experience Yin Yoga for yourself.
This workshop is suitable for those brand-new to Yin yoga!  It will  also dovetail on the Yin workshop given in January.  We’ll explore how the change of seasons, summer to fall, can affect the body-mind according Chinese Medicine, or meridian theory.  You’ll learn a basic Yin practice to connect you to, and support you during the annual transformations of our surroundings.