Grounding Yoga

NEW Grounding Yoga and Meditation (Level 0 – 1)

This is a short (~25 min), “grounding” yoga practice and meditation:  there is about 15 minutes of gentle movements that almost anyone can do, and about 10 minutes of a guided visualization.   Being “grounded” means you are solidly in your body, experiencing the present moment, and connected to the earth.  It can be easier to understand by thinking about times you are “ungrounded,” for example: you have been overwhelmed by a sudden remembering of a long to-do list, or you get a letter in the mail and find it contains an unexpected and hefty bill!  Your breath shallows and your heart beats quicker.  This is the time to GROUND.  Listen, and enjoy!   Also, PLEASE participate in the poll below!  I want to provide content that YOU want!

Music by: Rara Avis & Cindy Lee; Johnathan Goldman (Ultimate OM)