Basic Yin Yoga

This Free Basic Yin Yoga podcast is 60 min. long, with a 30 min mark to conclude with if you need a shorter practice.  For Yin Yoga you will probably need some props.  Yoga blankets and blocks are best in my experience, supporting you with the least amount of fuss.  Regular pillows and blankets will usually work well also.  (see:

yin props

forward bend

Here’s an example of how to use your props







Sphinx Pose


We use the props to keep the shapes or postures from creating too intense of a stretch.  While you want to feel a nice, big, deep, stretching sensation, you will want to be able to hold it for 5 minutes or so.  That’s where the props come in.   Use them under your bottom, knees, belly, wherever you want to support you skeleton.  You have to have a sense of experimentation, especially the first time you practice Yin!

For more information about Yin Yoga, I suggest Bernie Clark’s website.

I welcome ANY and all suggestions comments, and questions, and I am very happy to present this podcast, as requested!