Yin 1/19/2013

Yin Yoga Workshop Sat. 1/19 at Littleton Yoga Center

This workshop is being held by one of my colleagues at Littleton Yoga Center.  I discovered Yin Yoga about 4 years ago and it made a TREMENDOUS difference in my yoga practice and in my meditation. As an active, busy, ambitious person, Yin yoga practice is an incredible balancing element in my life.   Yin yoga is a quiet practice that is accessible to everyone.   I invite everyone to join me at this workshop! Click here for more information

1/19/13; 3 – 5 PM: Become whole in your yoga practice. You¹ll learn how an active yoga practice that focuses on the muscular half of your tissues is complimented by a deeper, quieter Yin practice focused on ligaments, joints, fascial networks and bones. Together yin and yang support a whole practice. Add a new element to your yoga practice and experience Yin Yoga for yourself.