karuna – compassion

karuna - compassion

I was called today to offer a healing. While I’m not a Reiki practicioner or “trained healer”, I find people who practice yoga with me tend to heal themselves! KARUNA is one of the 4 brahmaviharas of Buddhism (or “sublime attitudes”) It also pops up in Yoga Sutra 1.33 – as one of the 4 keys to retaining undisturbed calmness of mind.

Begin sitting in a comfortable posture, taking long, slow breaths. Sit on a chair, or even lay on the ground. Breath in and out through your nose if possible, and lengthen your exhalations to a count of 4. If you need to, sigh out your mouth at anytime. When you have gotten your mind to rest on your breath, or at least mostly on your breath, repeat the Karuna mantra.

You may find it helpful to visualize the color green, as that is the color associated with the archangel Raphael who, in Judeo-Christian tradition performs all manner of healing.

In my experience, repeating the KARUNA mantra, with the emphasis of holding my suffering “with softness and care,” (as opposed to pushing it away or trying to eradicate it) creates a space for me to breath into difficulty or pain and make it easier to understand and bear.

Often our resistance amplifies our difficulties and can drown out whatever offerings the current difficulties visit upon us.

Finally – Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu Om Shanti Shanti Shanti – a universal mantra -“May all beings be free from fear and harm – Om – Peace Peace Peace”om lokah