Hatha Yoga & So Hum

innerlight_l0u9This 65 min., gentle yoga practice invites you to nourish and observe your own core being by gently strengthening the core of your body *You will need an extra, rolled-up mat, and possibly a belt or strap for hamstring stretching.  As the days get shorter and the nights get longer we can turn our consciousness inward more easily.  The yoga sutras suggest a suitable meditation for this cold time of year – contemplating our own inner light and warmth- our “core being”

From swamiJ.com:

1.36 Or concentration on a painless inner state of lucidness and luminosity also brings stability and tranquility.
(vishoka va jyotishmati)

  • vishoka = state free from pain, grief, sorrow, or suffering
  • va = or (or other practices in 1.34-1.39)
  • jyotishmati = the bright effulgence, lucidity, luminosity, inner light, supreme or divine light

Concentration on painless inner luminosity: The easiest way to practice this is to place your attention in the space between the breasts, the heart center. Simply imagine that there is a glowing luminosity there, about the size of the palm of your hand. Whether or not you literally see with your inner eye is not important; the practice works either way. Maintain an inner attitude that it does not matter what other thoughts, images, impressions or memories might arise in the mind field; you will hold that stance that these will not disturb or distract you. Stay only with that glowing inner luminosity in the heart.